John Howard Society of Toronto

Addiction and Harm Reduction Services

Note: Groups are currently being run via video meetings. Due to Covid-19 individual counseling is currently on hold.

This service is available to provide harm reduction services reducing the risk of substance use. This service is provided through educational sessions at the Toronto South Detention Centre and in weekly relapse prevention groups at our Eglinton location. This service is also provided through one-to-one counselling.

Relapse Prevention Program

This group utilizes a psycho/social approach and includes the following topics; setting achievable goals, health and wellness, anger management, harm reduction and developing strategies to avoid relapse.

To access these services contact:

Joanne Amos
Phone: 647-882-8433
Email: Click to submit message


The Mental Health and Addictions Peer Supports (MAPS) Program

The MAPS Program is staffed by Peer Support Workers, who are individuals with lived experience, and will work with clients one-on-one to explore recovery goals and identify ways in which clients can feel more connected with community supports. By sharing their related experiences with the client, Peer Support Workers will establish rapport, trust and mutual understanding, and work together to develop harm reduction plans. Through this program, Peer Support Workers will provide a range of services related to mental health and/or substance use issues.