John Howard Society of Thunder Bay & District

Suspension of Records

What are the ‘Suspension of Records’ services at The John Howard Society?

  • Helping you through the process of applying to seal your criminal record by obtaining a Record Suspension, formerly known as a Canadian Pardon
  • If you are receiving Social Assistance, Ontario Works can assist with fee for services

What Are The Costs To The Applicant?

The Suspension of Record process requires additional costs to be incurred by the applicant. The fees incurred may vary depending on where an individual lives but do include:

  • Fingerprinting by either the local police service, RCMP or the Ontario Provincial Police – $45.00, but may vary depending on service provider
  • Local police records check, with Thunder Bay Police – $45, but may vary if another service provider is used
  • RCMP Criminal Records Check (out of Ottawa) – $25
  • Suspension of Record application processing fee paid to the Receiver General of Canada – $631

***Fees may change without notice***

Who can apply for a Suspension of Record?

Adult Criminal Records
Anyone with a criminal conviction in Canada as an adult 18 years or older after waiting five years on a summary conviction or ten years on an indictable conviction following sentence completion.

Youth Criminal Records
Youth charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act who were 12 to 17 years old need not apply for a pardon unless their youth record was maintained due to receiving an adult criminal record. In this case, the waiting period is the same as above: three to five years after all of the sentences have been satisfied.