Men Supporting Men

Men Supporting Men group is on hold for now.


After a program ends, where do we turn for continued support? That was one of the questions that sparked the idea for Men Supporting Men. A group of men who were nearing the end of a program at the John Howard Society wanted further support to continue on their journey of being better fathers and role models in their community. With a lot of dedication, Men Supporting Men was established.

Men Supporting Men is a peer run support group housed at the John Howard Society of Peterborough. Meetings are held on a weekly basis with the goal of supporting other men as we navigate through life’s challenges. The group free of charge and is open to all men 18+.

The group currently runs every Thursday evening from 6-8pm (unless otherwise stated) in the Training Room at the John Howard Society.

What to expect if you attend Men Supporting Men:

  • An inclusive, non-judgmental environment
  • Semi-structured meeting (opening check in, some pre-scheduled topic nights, closing check out)
  • Open discussions about issues you are currently facing
  • Support and guidance from one another

How will I benefit from attending Men Supporting Men?

  • Men Supporting Men provides men a safe and confidential outlet to discuss everyday problems. It allows men to open up and share what they are dealing with and gather helpful tips and ways to cope with these issues.

Some of the topics covered are:

Stress Management: financial, relationships, legal

Coping: separation, co-parenting, court matters, custody and access

Fathering: Understanding your child’s stage of development and understanding the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of your child

Understanding Unhealthy behaviour and its impact: types of abuse

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