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Healing From Within

Healing from Within

Healing from Within is a program to assist men to heal from Sexual Abuse.

In order to recognize the reality of sexual abuse and to address the trauma experienced by survivors (and the impact on society) it is important to have a broad definition of sexual abuse and a more comprehensive view of who the offenders and survivors are.

Sexual Abuse is any behavior which undermines an individual’s sexual identity or sexual safety. Sexual abuse includes not only criminal acts, but also concealed sexual acts (that are not often recognized either by the courts or by the general population). Examples are: derogatory comments of a sexual nature, leering looks, age-inappropriate exposure to sexual information or imagery, or the lack of appropriate information. Although these and other examples may not result in criminal charges, nor be intentional, they may nevertheless result in long-term disturbances for the victim.

Help is Available
It is clear that there are potentially significant long term physical and mental health consequences to childhood sexual abuse. The individual who is a child sexual abuse victim will access health services more frequently than their non-abused counter parts, they will demonstrate varying levels of depression and anxiety and they will have difficulty in maintaining relationships. All of these problems are exacerbated if there is not an appropriate level of support when they choose to self-disclose. The severity of the consequences is in part directly related to the amount of support available. Given that it may be even more difficult for men to disclose than it is for women, that level of support available may even be more critical.

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