Community Mediation

We offer mediation supports for adult neighbours in conflict, and peer mediation training and programing for local high schools. We also facilitate neighbourhood listening circles, community dialogues, and conflict resolution trainings.

 Community Mediation increases safety, well-being, & community resilience. It’s a free, voluntary & volunteer-led community service.

Here’s how it works.
1. Mediation is voluntary – it’s your choice.
2. We meet with and listen to each person privately to see if mediation fits
3. A three hour mediation is booked for you together
4. Each person tells their story & is heard
5. Mediators are neutral. They help each listen to the other’s feelings, values & needs
6. Participants are empowered and supported to think up solutions together
7. Together, participants choose and commit to solutions.

You can call us directly, or you can get a referral from police, City Councilors, Housing Managers, landlords and so on. Please note that businesses and organizations are charged a modest fee to support the free mediation program for individual citizens.

About our volunteer mediators.
– They come from the community they serve.
– They represent diverse ages & backgrounds.
– They are trained to the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition (OCMC) standards.
– They receive ongoing mentorship & training.
– They practice co-mediation in teams of two.

Where does Community Mediation come from?
Community Mediation shifts frustration and antagonism towards good-will. It’s rooted in the principles of Restorative Justice and is based on the Transformative Mediation approach (Baruch-Bush & Folger, 1994; Barusch-Bush & Folger, 2005). Our practice in Peterborough is also informed by compassionate Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg, 1999, 2000, 2003).

 We support neighbours so they are empowered to better hear each other & generate solutions together. We turn conflict into connection

Community Mediation Peterborough is a member of the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition

Caitlin Jacobs- 70 Hunter St.W

Phone: 705-743-8331 ext.215

For general inquiries contact our front desk:
Phone: 705-743-8331

We’d be happy to chat about any questions you have.

Community Mediation Peterborough is a free, nonprofit, volunteer service overseen by a community advisory board (John Howard Society, Peterborough Police, & Peterborough Housing Corp).

Mediation Pamphlet