John Howard Society of Peterborough

Educational Services

Self-Empathy, Compassionate Communication, Conflict Resolution, & Parent Education

We offer a range of classes in high schools, at our office, and online, fostering community resilience and compassionate relationships. Program content focuses on accountability, self-empathy, compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC), conflict resolution, and violence prevention skills. Classes are currently available for youth 12 – 18 years, and for adults supporting children and youth.


Classes for Adults Supporting Children & Youth

Sidestepping the Power Struggle with Allison Rees – for any adult supporting children and youth, personally or professionally (online live classes or self-paced videos).

Here’s a free webinar with Marion Little – it’s about self-empathy for caregivers (48 min video).


Classes for Youth (12 – 18 years)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

Listening with Compassion

Stress Redux and Self-empathy

Community Mediation and Circle Facilitation

Restorative/ Transformative Justice Practices

Anger Management

We can tailor our programs to serve your group’s learning needs. To book sessions in your classroom or at our office, please contact us. Youth can call us directly.

or contact us below


Marion Little, Manager, Educational Services
Cell: 705 760 2348


Marion Little, Manager, Educational Services
BA Linguistics, MA Dispute Resolution
CNVC Certified Trainer, OCMC Mediator Trainer

Marion manages JHS Peterborough’s Educational Services for schools and parent education for the community. She’s been offering dynamic professional development training for over 22 years, including graduate level university courses in Collaborative Leadership, Ethics and Reflective Practice. She’s a certified trainer of Restorative/ Transformative Justice Facilitators and Community Mediators. Marion’s devoted her career to fostering community wellness, resilience, and sanctuary. This includes providing education, policy development, and services that address interpersonal, social, and institutional harms as well as conflict resolution. Due to her extensive body of work, Marion has testified before Parliamentary Committee as an expert witness on violence prevention in Canada.

Here’s a video clip on compassion (4 min)

Here’s a free webinar with Marion – it’s about self-empathy for caregivers (48 min video).


Josephine Fueth, Team Lead, Suspensions & Expulsions
BAH Criminology: Sociology, minor Human Rights & Social Justice

Josephine facilitates psycho-educational programs as part of the Youth Justice team and as part of the school support team. She’s also the team lead for Long-Term Suspensions and Expulsions (LTSEP) at PACE. Her youth programs focus on outdoor education, mediation, substance use awareness, life skills support and healthy relationships. Because of her academic background in Criminology and Sociology, Josephine’s approach is rooted in prevention, intervention, and diversion. She’s dedicated her career to restorative practices for youth, particularly youth struggling with complex sociological pressures and challenges. When she’s not supporting students, Josephine can be found playing and exploring outdoors.


Graham Petty, Coordinator, Youth Programs & Restorative Justice
MA Psychology (in progress)

Graham is a father of two children, aged ten and eight, he has 14 years’ experience working with youth and families. He’s supported youth in Peterborough for over 11 years and currently coordinates our Youth Justice Restorative Practices program. He’s also a Youth Programs Facilitator running psycho-educational workshops in schools and onsite at our offices. Graham’s mindful of the vulnerability and resilience of youth in our community. For the past 7 years, he’s also facilitated our Caring Dads program (for fathers) and Sidestepping the Power Struggle for care givers in the general public. He’s a certified Restorative Justice Facilitator and Community Mediator. When Graham’s not restoring relationships in the community, he’s adventuring in forests with his own kids, growing a veggie garden, or sitting on a porch in the sunshine.


As an agency we’re committed to ongoing learning around trauma/resilience informed practices, anti-oppressive practices, anti-racism, decolonization, and Restorative/Transformative Justice principles.