John Howard Society of Peterborough

Community Mediation

Are you having a hard time with a neighbour?
Do you wish things were easier?
Do you want to talk it out?

Current waitlist: 2 – 3 months


for neighbours, house mates, dormitory residents, & tenants.


How Mediation Works

1.  You call us to book a private meeting.
2.  We listen to you alone to see if our service fits (1 hour or so)

3.  We listen to the other person alone to see if our service fits (1 hour or so)
4.  We are neutral and do not take sides.
5.  If it’s a fit, we book a mediation meeting for you together (3 hours or so)
6.  You each tell your story and are heard
7.  You think up solutions together
8.  You choose the best solutions together.
9.  We call later to check in

Link to: Information Flyer about Community Mediation Peterborough
Link to: Tri-fold Pamphlet about Community Mediation Peterborough


We provide a process.
The content and solutions are up to you.


Issues We Mediate

Noise, pets, parking, smoke, pot, garbage, messes, shift work, trees, leaves, lawns, drive ways, fences, tension…

Our Community Mediation Practice

Our Community Mediation practice in Peterborough is based on the Transformative Mediation approach (Barusch-Bush & Folger, 2005) and rooted in Restorative Conversations. We are also informed by compassionate Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg, 2015).

Community Mediation Peterborough is a member of the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition


Related Services

We also offer: Sidewalk Talk listening stations, listening circles, Transformative/ Restorative dialogues, and facilitated conversations.



Voicemail: 705-743-8331 


This desk is staffed only 1 day/ week
Our mediators are unpaid skilled volunteers.


* If it’s within our scope, and we have staff/ volunteer availability, we may be able to offer services for businesses, organizations, and groups at a modest fee. All proceeds help support our free services.


Community Mediation does not handle:

  • Court diversion
  • Policy disputes or Employment Standards
  • Matters before the court or involving lawyers
  • Family issues (ex. separation, divorce, custody) or other domestic conflict
  • Domestic violence


Current wait list: 2 – 3 months


Community Mediation Peterborough is staffed one day per week by the John Howard Society of Peterborough. This is an independent volunteer service offered in partnership between: