John Howard Society of Peterborough

Mediation for Youth

For youth (12 – 17 years) frenemies, house mates, dormitory residents, neighbours, & tenants.

We provide a process.
The content and solutions are up to you.


We offer a range of Restorative/ Transformative processes for resolving conflict. These include

  • Sidewalk Talk listening stations,
  • Listening circles,
  • Restorative/ Transformative dialogues,
  • Supported conversations & mediation
  • Conflict coaching

Mediation Training:  Provided for for youth 14 – 18 years, staff at partner schools, and community volunteers supporting our school-based programs, community programs for youth, and youth justice programs.

How Mediation & Supported Conversations Work

1.  You call us to book a private meeting.
2.  We listen to you privately to see if our service fits, you can bring a friend (1 hour or so)

3.  We listen to the other person privately to see if our service fits (1 hour or so)
4.  We are neutral and do not take sides.
5.  If it’s a fit, we book a mediation meeting for you together (3 hours or so)
6.  You each tell your story and are heard
7.  You think up solutions together
8.  You choose the best solutions together.
9.  We call later to check in

Text/call Josephine at 705 927 1511


Our Mediation practice is based on the Transformative Mediation approach (Barusch-Bush & Folger, 2005) and rooted in Restorative Conversations. We are also informed by compassionate Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg, 2015).

Community Mediation Peterborough is a member of the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition