John Howard Society of London & District

Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

Counselling is provided to individuals in conflict with the law, individuals who are at risk of coming into conflict and their families. The Society offers a crisis intervention service whereby clients are seen for brief service, usually the same day. Clients are assisted in managing their crisis, solving problems and developing new coping skills.

Longer term counselling is also available to clients. Social workers engage the client in a therapeutic relationship to assess risk and needs and to develop an intervention plan. Family members are involved when it is deemed appropriate resulting in improved familial relationships. Clients in need of service from other community agencies receive assistance and advocacy in securing access to appropriate referrals.

Counselling services are provided at no cost. Self-referrals are accepted.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an intake.

Counselling services also include:

County Youth Outreach Program

The Society’s social workers receive referrals of high risk youth from educators, parents, probation officers, police, the Children’s Aid Society and other social agencies. In addressing high risk behaviours presented by teens, the social workers offer counselling in the context of the school, peers, family, and community. The social workers attend secondary schools in Glencoe, Strathroy, and Parkhill on a weekly basis. Youth and families from Lucan and other small communities are served through Medway Secondary School. The Society’s social workers work collaboratively with other social service agencies based in the County.

Boullee, Huron, Kipps Lane Program

The Society offers counselling, advocacy, and referrals to other community agencies, for children, youth and families who reside in the three subsidized housing projects. The communities house immigrants, many of whom are poor and vulnerable. Many residents do not speak English. In working with teens, the Society identifies high risk behaviours and develops an effective intervention plan to ensure that youth are able to complete school successfully and graduate to an apprenticeship, college, university or employment. The Society also offers school based counselling services to youth attending Montcalm Secondary School.