John Howard Society of London & District


We are always looking for positive, educated and motivated volunteers to assist with the Society’s programs and services. You can get involved in any of the listed programs and services:

  • Reception
  • Intake support
  • Driver for trips to Toronto/Kingston
  • Women’s Group assistant
  • Native Services program assistant

  • Bail Supervisor assistant
  • Institutional services
  • Co-facilitate the Boys’ or Girls’ Groups
  • Assist with community education material and presentations

As a volunteer for the John Howard Society, you will gain valuable experiences and a sense of satisfaction that you have made a difference in your community. By offering your time and services as a volunteer, you will not only be helping the individuals we work with, but you will also be benefiting your community and yourself.

How to Apply:

Contact the Society’s Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Alegria at: (519) 518-5420 ext. 108 or 

Submission of the application form is followed by an interview with our Volunteer Coordinator, a reference check, and volunteer orientation session.


Volunteer application email