John Howard Society of London & District

Service 6

Record Suspension/Community Education Program

Record Suspension:

The John Howard Society assists individuals in completing applications for a suspension of their criminal record. The service assists individuals in regaining confidence and boosting their self esteem. Record suspension clinics are also offered in Spanish and Arabic.

Community Education Program:

The John Howard Society works closely with other community and coalition groups to educate and involve more people in understanding the social justice issues affecting John Howard Society clients. The John Howard Society’s workers provide information and workshops about the criminal justice system and its impact on the individuals and the community. The Society provides speakers to schools, churches, service clubs and community organizations. As well, the Society has been present at theMexican Fiesta Festival that congregates more than 3,000 people from the Latin community.

Immigrants Community Capacity and Engagement (ICCE Project):

The ICCE Project was developed in response to needs identified by the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP), Justice and Protection Services Sub – Council. Through a collaborative and community development approach, the ICCE Project is intended to build immigrants’ knowledge, understanding, and trust in Canadian justice and protection services. The Karen, Vietnamese, Spanish, Bhutanese, Arabic and Somali communities were identified as the communities in need of this approach. The information is provided to these communities in their own language.