John Howard Society of London & District

Service 3

Bail Verification and Supervision Program

The John Howard Society provides community supervision to eligible individuals who do not have the financial or social support to meet bail requirements. Prospective clients are interviewed in the holding cells at the courthouse to determine eligibility. If release is approved by the court, the clients report weekly, or more frequently, to have their conditions monitored. The Bail Program has recently been expanded to new jurisdictions including Woodstock, St. Thomas, Stratford, Goderich and Walkerton. The program also provides enhanced supervision to support clients with mental illness and specialized bail services for Indigenous people.

Who can apply?

  • Men and women over 16 awaiting a bail hearing or requesting a bail review
  • Individuals who do not have access to a surety
  • Individuals living within 250 km of criminal charges

How to apply:

Individuals can contact a bail supervisor using their lawyer or duty counsel:

  • In the holding cells at the courthouse
  • At the local jail