John Howard Society of London & District

Record Suspension

The John Howard Society of London and District has workers who will provide assistance in completing record suspension (formerly known as pardons) applications and information on travel waivers (document that allows Canadians with a criminal record to travel to other countries).  This service assists individuals in regaining confidence, finding employment and boosting their self esteem.

This program is offered on a fee for service basis.  Fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on income. Fee structure will be discussed upon intake.

How we help you?

Our experienced staff will help you by:

  • Assisting with completing an application for Record Suspension and/or Travel Waivers
  • Providing confidential service and support
  • Liaising with police services, Court officials, RCMP, and the Parole Board of Canada on your behalf
  • Obtaining all necessary Court documents/record of proceedings
  • Submitting your application to the Parole Board of Canada
  • Responding to requests/further requirements from the Parole Board of Canada
  • Assisting with appeals