Youth Reintegration Support Worker/Bail Program Caseworker

Location: | Posted on: June 3, 2021
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Location: John Howard Society of Windsor-Essex County

Job Type: Fulltime

Deadline: June 11, 2021 by 4:30 PM

Job Summary:
This position combines two part-time positions at the agency. The Youth Reintegration Support Worker position is 21 hours per week, and the Bail Program Caseworker position is 14 hours per week, combined total of 35 hours per week.

Youth Reintegration Support Worker: This position will be responsible for working with young persons age 12-17 at the time of offence, who have been found guilty and are currently on probation, conditional supervision or community supervision, as well as young persons on detention status as part of a community release plan. This position supports the rehabilitation and reintegration of a young person. Regular travel and transportation of youth client’s throughout Leamington, Windsor, Essex County and surrounding areas is a requirement of this position.

Bail Program Caseworker: The Bail Verification and Supervision Program (BVSP) provides an alternative to incarceration while an individual is awaiting their court disposition. The program provides community supervision to eligible individuals who do not have the financial or social supports to meet bail requirements. Bail Program Caseworkers provide front-line services to BVSP clients and also attend Windsor and Chatham court as program representatives.

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