JHS Durham Staff Contacts

March 24-2020 Staff Contact

Our agency offices are closed to clients and staff in response to the Provincial government’s directive to reduce social contact. But we know this presents a new barrier to reaching us. With our offices being closed, we suggest you contact our team members directly by e-mail (an/or if available for that service, by cell #)

Please be patient with us. This is new for us too, and just as challenging for us to also help find the answers for the things you need, because all our partners are in the same boat of having to work from home, creating some barriers for us to reach who we sometimes need to contact on your behalf.

Staff are sorted by Office and then by Last Name within that office, showing their program/area of service, and their e-mail address.

Please note that staff will respond to contact within normal program operation hours, which for the most part is 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Harm Reduction has evening hours.


Harm Reduction Services

This is an essential service.

Project X –Change will CONTINUE to have office hours in the Oshawa, Whitby and Bowmanville locations. Hours for each location have been modified and are available by calling the office you choose to visit. Mobile outreach will continue across the region from Monday to Friday 6 pm to 10 pm. Please call:

Project X-Change Outreach: 905-440-5410


Ajax Office 905-579-8482

Last Name First Name Program/Service E-mail
Bailey Kashauna Together We Are Kashauna.Bailey@jhsd.ca


Westerman Diane Counselling Diane.Westerman@jhsd.ca

Whitby Office (905-666-8847) & Residence

Barrow Christina Director, Employment & Literacy Christina.Barrow@jhsd.ca
Cook Olivia Extra Judicial Measures Olivia.Cook@jhsd.ca
Dobbs Paul Manager, Technology & Community Services Paul.Dobbs@jhsd.ca
Down Margaret Housing Margaret.Down@jhsd.ca


Edozie Stephanie Employment Advisor Stephanie.Edozie@jhsd.ca
Gaynor Christy Employment, Program Support Christy.Gaynor@jhsd.ca
Hansen Kirsten Employment Advisor Kirsten.Hansen@jhsd.ca


Heald Michelle Team Lead, Employment Whitby Michelle.Heald@jhsd.ca
Jeffrey Dane Youth In Transition Dane.Jeffrey@jhsd.ca


Kogukoglu Seyhan Youth Residences Seyhan.Kogukoglu@jhsd.ca
Morey Danon Youth Residences Danon.Morey@jhsd.ca
Neill Michelle Employment Outreach Worker Michelle.Neill@jhsd.ca
Oliver Patricia Youth Residences Patricia.Oliver@jhsd.ca


Oreizi Leila Employment Advisor Leila.Oreizi@jhsd.ca
Peart Mark Youth In Transition Mark.Peart@jhsd.ca


Plummer Shantel Youth Residences Shantel.Plummer@jhsd.ca
Ramirez-Correa Alexandra Youth Residences Alexandra.Ramirez-Correa@jhsd.ca
Siket Irene Housing Resource Worker Irene.Siket@jhsd.ca
Strikwerda Dory Employment Advisor Dory.Strikwerda@jhsd.ca
Thompson Deanna Employment Advisor Deanna.Thompson@jhsd.ca


Westerman Justine Employment Advisor (YJC) Justine.Westerman@jhsd.ca


Oshawa Office (905-579-8482) & Residence

Afuwape Josephine Program Support/Record Suspensions Josephine.Afuwape@jhsd.ca
Bandola Maureen Manager, Housing Maureen.Bandola@jhsd.ca
Bate Madelaine Program Support/Record Suspensions Madelaine.Bate@jhsd.ca
Cross Lisa Program Support Lisa.Cross@jhsd.ca
D’Sa Lisa Employment Advisor Lisa.D’Sa@jhsd.ca
Dilipochand Stephanie Harm Reduction Stephanie.Dilipochand@jhsd.ca


Doyle Mikaila Youth Residences Mikaila.Doyle@jhsd.ca
Duncan Cassandra Direct Accountability Program Cassandra.Duncan@jhsd.ca
Eastwood Dianna Executive Director Dianna.Eastwood@jhsd.ca


Fernandes Kristen Employment Advisor Kristen.Fernandes@jhsd.ca
Firek Agatha Adult Literacy Agatha.Firek@jhsd.ca
Folk Bernadette Housing Bernadette.Folk@jhsd.ca


Frank Samantha Adult Literacy Samantha.Frank@jhsd.ca
Gardiner Bernard Youth Residences Bernard.Gardiner@jhsd.ca
Harrington Patti Accounts Payable Patti.Harrington@jhsd.ca
Holliday Katie Harm Reduction Outreach Katie.Holliday@jhsd.ca


Kane Sarah Adult Literacy Sarah.Kane@jhsd.ca
Kozlowski Hillary Counselling Hillary.Kozlowski@jhsd.ca
Leahey Glenda Sex Trade Housing Support Glenda.Leahey@jhsd.ca


MacCalman Lori Housing Resource Worker Lori.MacCalman@jhsd.ca
Macdonald Maxine Employment Advisor Maxine.Macdonald@jhsd.ca
Marshall-Peters Danika Employment Advisor Danika.Marshall-Peters@jhsd.ca
Morey Joelle Director, HR & Administration Joelle.Morey@jhsd.ca
Moser Rhonda Youth Residences Rhonda.Moser@jhsd.ca


Oke-Hickey Beverley Counselling Beverley.Oke-Hickey@jhsd.ca
Pappas Ryan On-Point Ryan.Pappas@jhsd.ca


Parker Morgan Employment Advisor Morgan.Parker@jhsd.ca
Perrino Maria Manager, Counselling Services Maria.Perrino@jhsd.ca
Prescott Zachery Employment – Ready To Go Zachery.Prescott@jhsd.ca


Quinn Alexandria Employment – Ready To Go Alexandria.Quinn@jhsd.ca


Ramanihar Priyan Housing Priyan.Ramanihar@jhsd.ca
Shetler Rachel Team Lead, Employment Oshawa Rachel.Shetler@jhsd.ca
Sklar Lisa Housing Lisa.Sklar@jhsd.ca


Skyvington Amanda Harm Reduction Amanda.Skyvington@jhsd.ca
Smith David Manager, Youth Residences David.Smith@jhsd.ca


Tembo Monica Housing Monica.Tembo@jhsd.ca


Whalen Beth Coordinator, Harm Reduction Beth.Whalen@jhsd.ca
Wheller Addison Employment – Ready To Go Addison.Wheller@jhsd.ca


Woolley Carissa Youth Residences Carissa.Woolley@jhsd.ca

Clarington Office (905-623-6814) & Youth Centres

Abo Sabiha Housing Sabiha.Abo@jhsd.ca


Breen Veronica Coordinator, Youth Centres Veronica.Breen@jhsd.ca


Companion Victoria Youth Centres Victoria.Companion@jhsd.ca
Devoe Elizabeth Housing Elizabeth.Devoe@jhsd.ca


Haney Brittany Community Alternatives to School Suspension Brittany.Haney@jhsd.ca
Hope Melanie Youth Centres Melanie.Hope@jhsd.ca
Lawrence Shelley Director, Community & Justice Services Shelley.Lawrence@jhsd.ca
Paget Paul Youth Centres Paul.Paget@jhsd.ca
Thirlwell Kristina Program Support Kristina.Thirlwell@jhsd.ca