John Howard Society of Belleville

Connection Point

The Connection Point is a program providing qualified instructors offering quality programs. JHSBD provides low or no cost programming for youth on site. Programs are run after school and during the evening and are aimed to provide interesting and pro social ways to address current youth interests. Programs currently running include a boxing club and art classes. We have opportunities and facilities to partner with music instructors, dance and fitness instructors.Instructor positions enable youth and young adults to run a program with support, assistance, and a centrally located venue. Instructors with a talent that fits into the Connection Point structure can apply to offer a course and are required to complete an instructor package.

Cocoon Art

The Mission of Cocoon is to provide a drop-in art studio, offered as a haven for youth, in search of a safe way to explore the medium of art to discover and express themselves. The aim of Cocoon is to facilitate relationship building with mentors in an effort to help youth discover the treasure within, to build self worth, to assist them in discovering a plan for their life and to ignite hope for their future.


Life Plan Coaching Program for Youth.

Working with a certified Life Coach, the Life Plan Coaching Program is a participative, co-active,  approach built on trust. The coach will support the youth in presenting and directing opportunities for personal transformation. The participation will motivate and move them towards positive relationships, effective communication and empower the youth to beneficially deal with those who have influence in their life. The coaching program provides youth who are experiencing issues and are motivated to make positive changes in their life. The program focuses on youth 8 to 17 years of age who are.

Coaching is a specific conversational process that is about facilitating change from the current state to a more desired state. The process is highly client centered, fostering self directed learning and is grounded in self-assessment and personal values recognition. Youth self-identify and clarify their strengths and values, improve their performance, enhance their quality of life, and identify their short and mid-term goals. This process increases the protective factors by building self-esteem, nurturing optimism and demonstrating positive expectations for the future.