John Howard Society of Sault Ste. Marie & District

Anger Management

What is the Anger Management Program?
The Anger Management Program is a cognitive behavioral program that teaches people to use appropriate thoughts and actions to express anger.

Individuals are taught to understand themselves and how to control their anger. The program works from the belief that anger is a healthy and necessary emotion. It focuses on self monitoring and altering problematic thinking and behaviors, so that the individual increases their chance on handling themselves more assertively.

How Do I Know If I Have An Anger Management Problem?
I have an anger problem if my anger is:

too intense
too frequent
too long in duration

How Does The Program Work?
The Anger Management Program uses one to one counseling and the group process in the following formats:

Intense Anger Management Rehabilitation (High intensity)
participation in one to one counseling
self disclosure
thinking skills
relaxation anger management techniques
self monitoring
relapse prevention
Change is a choice (Low intensity) groups – 6 sessions plus follow up
education/teaching format
facilitator presents techniques and options for managing anger appropriately
develops confidence, assertiveness and self-motivation

Why Does The John Howard Society Run This Program?
Anger is a completely normal and healthy human emotion. Anger can lead to problems when it becomes out of control and destructive.

problems at work
problems in your personal relationships
problems that affect your quality of life

Who Is Eligible?
An individual who is experiencing feelings of helplessness in controlling their anger may walk in, call or be referred by another community agency or representative.

A fee is charged on a sliding scale for those who are not funded by a referral source.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services