John Howard Society of Simcoe & Muskoka


Attendance Centre

The Non-Residential Attendance Centre (NRAC) provides community programming consistent with the principles of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

Institutional Services

Assistance for offenders being released from custody to successfully re-integrate into society.


This program provides opportunities to contribute to local communities for adult offenders serving weekend sentences.

Community Service Order Program

Assisting adults who are court ordered to complete community service hours which must be completed for non-profit, charitable, or municipal agency.

Pardons and Record Suspensions

Assistance with Record Suspension applications

Preventative Measures Program

This program is available to males and females age 12 years and over.  Programs offered: Emotions Management, Substance Abuse Counseling, Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Life Skills.

 Finding Employment with a Criminal Record

This program is available to males and females 18 years of age and older.  The program is intended to assist individuals who are having difficulty finding, obtaining and maintaining employment due to a criminal record.  FECR will provide individuals with an opportunity to share information and obtain the tools necessary to succeed in workforce and/or in their job search.

Reintegration Support Services

The Community Reintegration Program aims to accelerate the reintegration of criminally involved persons into the community and lower the rates of recidivism by facilitating access to community resources.